Read out: Premier Kenney talks with Prime Minister Trudeau

Prime Minister Trudeau reiterated the Government of Canada’s offer of support through additional health-care resources. Premier Kenney thanked the Prime Minister for the offer and confirmed that the governments of Canada and Alberta are working on providing additional resources from the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Red Cross. Prime Minister Trudeau expressed appreciation for Alberta supplying additional personal protective equipment to other provinces at the onset of the pandemic.

Premier Kenney asked the federal government to supply doses of the Janssen (Johnson and Johnson) vaccine to Alberta, indicating that Albertans in areas of low vaccine uptake have said they are waiting for Janssen doses to be made available. Prime Minister Trudeau affirmed Alberta’s request of 20,000 doses and said the federal government would be happy to help.

Premier Kenney raised the importance of having rapid antigen tests available to employers across the economy in Alberta and asked the Government of Canada to ensure they are available. Prime Minister Trudeau confirmed that the Government of Canada has a significant inventory of rapid tests and will look into private sector availability.

Premier Kenney also said Alberta wants to work with the Prime Minister’s new cabinet on ensuring regulatory stability and predictability so large-scale investments in job-creating and emissions-lowering projects can proceed.

The two leaders also discussed continental energy security via the completion of the Enbridge Line 3 replacement project and the importance of the Line 5 pipeline crossing as well as the federal government’s child care program. Premier Kenney said the Alberta government approved a new negotiating mandate to get a deal done on child care funding.

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