Partners in prosperity for future success

The MOU, signed by Indigenous Relations Minister Rick Wilson and the president of Fort McKay Métis Nation Association (FMMNA), Ron Quintal, solidifies a shared commitment to enhancing access to provincial skills training opportunities and enhancing education outcomes. It also highlights a shared vision to work together on infrastructure funding and a mutual commitment toward long-term community sustainability.

“Fort McKay Métis Nation Association has been an innovator in business and community development. This is the kind of agreement that shows the spirit of partnership and prosperity I would like to see between Alberta’s government and more Indigenous communities.”Rick Wilson, minister, Indigenous Relations

Alberta’s workforce needs to meet the growing demand for highly skilled workers across the economy. Agreements like this help to grow Indigenous talent for current and future generations to have the skills and knowledge to build successful careers.

“This agreement with Alberta is another milestone for the Fort McKay Métis Nation. We own our own land, have established a thriving business operation, have established credible assertion of our status, and now look forward to working with Alberta to fully define our relationship with the province and the benefits of that to our membership. We thank Minister Wilson and his government for this significant step towards reconciliation.”Ron Quintal, president, Fort McKay Métis Nation Association

Quick facts

  • The Fort McKay Métis Nation is an independent Métis Nation in the oilsands region of northeastern Alberta.
  • FMMNA is the first and, to date, the only Métis organization to have been credibly asserted.
    • Credible assertion is a legal test that, if passed, ensures the community will be consulted on any land disturbance that could hinder their members from practising Métis Aboriginal rights, like harvesting.

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