Advertising spending: UPDATE

In 2021-22, approximately $12.1 million has been spent to date on advertising, research and other communication costs for COVID-19 and vaccination promotion. In 2020-21, the Alberta government spent approximately $14.8 million and $1.5 million in 2019-20.

There have been numerous phases of COVID and vaccine campaigns, each designed to inform Albertans about the latest information on public health measures.

There have also been specific sub-campaigns related to mental health resources, supports for seniors, regional ads aimed at specific communities, promotion of COVID-testing resources, promotion of Alberta’s contact tracing app, the COVID Loves campaign aimed specifically at Albertans under age 40, promotion of isolation supports, and encouraging support for local businesses.

Extensive advertising to encourage Albertans to get vaccinated continues through the Sign Up, Show Up, Follow Up and other campaigns.

Together, all campaigns have made extensive use of online display, social media, television, radio, billboards and other print collateral.

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