Alberta NDP Health Critic David Shepherd issued the following statement in response to news that the number of new cases of COVID-19 has crossed 1,000-per-day for the first time since late May:

“Today’s COVID-19 case numbers are alarming and must be a wakeup call for Jason Kenney and the entire UCP government. This is the highest number of cases we have seen in more than three months and all indicators are trending in the wrong direction. Another 26 Albertans were hospitalized in the last 24 hours alone. There are double the number of Albertans fighting in hospital today than on July 1st when Jason Kenney declared the pandemic over and started celebrating what he called ‘Freedom Day’.

“Now, cases are rising and the entire health system is under pressure as UCP cabinet ministers hide from Albertans and the lights are off in the Premier’s Office. It is clear that the UCP has abandoned Albertans to a fourth wave, demonstrating once again that they cannot be trusted to put public health ahead of their own self-serving politics.”

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